“We Are Southland’s Harness Racing Trainers” – a sister site to our popular www.southernharness.co.nz, but one where we showcase Southland’s Harness Racing Trainers all in one place from a different perspective. 
Perfect for new owners looking for a trainer or looking for a share in a horse, while at the same time giving existing owners, fans & followers a place to see photos of the horses, read any news shared by the trainers and find links to their social media accounts or individual websites.  
Benefits for trainers include having a website on which to feature without it taking up your valuable time.  It is our aim to raise the profile of trainers from Southland, including those who regularly race in Southland, especially when they do not have their own website or aren’t active on social media platforms by connecting them to owners, clients, fans & followers in digital form.

This is a FREE service for trainers!

How does this work for trainers:
If you would like to be added to the website please contact Monica Toretto (see below) 
*  Once you are added you can send any info or news at any time to Monica to update your page/profile.  Photos will be added to your profile from race-day, trials or work-outs as they become available as are those taken at your stables if this is an option you choose to utilize.
*  Any social media accounts or individual website(s) can be linked to your profile making it easy for your owners, fans & followers to find you everywhere. 
*  If you do not have a social media ‘page’ but wish to have one talk to Monica and she can help you with this and link it back to your profile here.

How to use this site – owners, fans & followers:
Trainers are listed on the drop down menu, scroll to the trainer you wish to see and click on the name.  This will take you to their profile complete with contact details, photos, news and any links to their social media platforms (if available).  Please note that not all trainers are listed but we strive to continuously update and add as we receive requests.

New owners are encouraged to contact the trainers directly but if you need any information on owning a horse or help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact Southern Harness Racing Inc – contact details below. 

Southern Harness Racing INC
PO Box 96 Invercargill.
The office is located at Ascot Park Raceway, Racecourse Road, Invercargill.
Phone/fax 03-217-9117

Jason Broad (General Manager). 
Email: jason@southernharness.co.nz  
Mobile: 021-127-2912 

Julie McEwan-Franks (Administration Manager). 
Email: julie@southernharness.co.nz.
Mobile: 0274 390 660


To be added to the website, update your profile, or to order prints of any of the photos on this website, please contact:
Monica Toretto (Raceday Photographer)
email: monicatoretto@gmail.com.
Mobile 0204 113 9512.
Race winning photos can be viewed at:  www.monicatoretto.co.nz